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Jo Guldi workshop

12pm, 17 Nov 2014 at Heyman Center for the Humanities, Second Floor Common Room
How do you summarize millions of books with a single tool?

On Method: Introducing Paper Machines

How do you summarize millions of books with a single tool? The question is relevant to literary scholars, but especially to historians of political institutions and the “official mind.” Paper Machines is a toolkit that works with minimal code on the texts that historians and other scholars are already using, visualizing them as their subjects change over time and space.

This talk will foreground the role of big data, visualizations, and historians as the designers of tools in the future shape of training in history departments, topics taken up in Guldi and David Armitage’s new book, The History Manifesto (October 2014, Cambridge University Press).

For more information, see the Paper Machines website and follow the project on Twitter @papermachines, or visit the website of Jo Guldi and follow her on Twitter @joguldi.

Event is free and open to the public. Seating is first come, first served.

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